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I remember sitting in Coach McHenry’s government class in high school staring at him the way the girls did in Indiana Jones’ history class. Coach McHenry was absolutely adorable in his sweater vests and thin round framed glasses. He was fresh out of college, single, and all of the girls just thought he was a dream.

Fast forward 14 years to those jovial conversations about teachers you thought were hot in school, well Coach McHenry always still comes to mind as my pick.

Until today, sitting in my office, I read an article that he has been arrested.

Time has been good to the coach. He’s moved up to a principal role at an elementary school back in my home town… so what on earth could this (still handsome) successful 39-year-old man have possibly been arrested for?

Indecent exposure and lewd and lascivious behavior?


I nearly spit my coffee at my computer screen. No #$%^$## way.

Yep. In a park.  In front of an undercover police officer none the less.

I am so very disappointed in you Coach. Never saw that coming.

To read more on this check out:  http://www.pnj.com/article/20110731/NEWS01/107310327/Avalon-Middle-School-principal-arrested-indecent-exposure