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You’ve seen it. That lifted 4×4 truck sitting beside you at the red light. Lifted so high you can see all the way underneath it and it’s balls. Wait? What?

Does that truck have balls hanging?  Oh…. It does… it’s a little boy truck. Mental note made.

Well those are actually some pretty big balls, so I guess it’s a MAN truck. Appreciate the warning. Over compensating douche driving beside me. And I go on. Not another thought about it.

But now, NOW…. I am forced to defend these arrogant, egomaniac truck ball baring goobers because some other douche bag wants to ban these… testicles.

Really? Who cares if there are balls hanging behind that truck, between its tires. Why are you looking at the trucks testicles anyway? You should be ashamed of yourself. Geez. Can’t a truck get a little privacy?

But here we go, in South Carolina police chief, Franco Fuda is writing out $445.00 tickets to people who have them, claiming it’s a violation of the obscene bumper sticker law. The code reads, “a sticker, decal, emblem, or device is indecent….in a patently offensive way, as determined by contemporary community standards, sexual acts, excretory functions, or parts of the human body.”

Chief Fuda is trying to take this to trial in hopes of banning the nuts and clarifying the state law.

Mind you, I would never hang balls on the back of my car (because obviously my car is a girl).

BUT… I also do not want the government intervening yet again where their noses do not belong. If they win, and they ban these balls… is my little Calvin peeing all over FSU going to have to go as well? Where does it stop? Cause Calvin’s not coming down. Pee away Calvin, pee away!!