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I fell in love with this car when I was 7 years old. My dad had a blue 68 that needed lots of work.  I would hang out in the garage with him while he would lay on a creeper
under the car and ask me for tools. After many attempts, I finally started learning all the tool names and was able to bring the correct one back on the first or second try. When  he would climb out from under the car he would always ask, “Ready to drive it?”

We’d take off (the hood still off the car) muffler rumbling, open headers blaring, the vibration in the car so strong you could never hear the radio (maybe it didn’t even have one.) My adrenaline would kick in as he’d punch it, throwing my head back against the seat and forcing me into hysterical giggles.

When I turned 16 I was still drooling over the Camaro and the boys that drove them. They were always a little rowdy, little cocky, and so much fun. But I wanted their car…. And by dating them, I got to drive their cars, just the way it goes I  guess.

I spent my teens praying daily that some crazy thing would happen during the night and I would wake to that car one morning. Of course that was absolutely not possible. Even if my parents had all the money in the world they would not have handed keys to a 350 horsepower car to their 16-year-old daughter. (Which I understand now of course).

Then one fateful day in 1999, after I joined the Air Force and didn’t have a bill in the world, I
went to make my purchase. I was going to buy my dream car. I had the payments figured out, it was the car I had always wanted… then the worst thing possible happened.

The insurance company laughed wickedly at me, for I had more tickets on my license than there are holes in Swiss cheese. Monthly my insurance would have  been $600 dollars. Yep. The car would have to
wait. Again.

Then came the drought. They stopped making the Camaro in 2002. I was literally heart-broken.

Days went by and life kept happening… I had kids… and with them the SUV came because mini vans can SUCK IT. I had no business with a sports car but it didn’t keep me from stalking the Chevrolet website weekly, waiting, wishing, hoping they would bring back my car.

Around 2007 I started to see drawings of the concept car.
Oh dear God was it pretty. I would buy one when it came out. Bottom line. End of story. My driver’s license was clear of all younger day junk. Then they pushed the date a year…. And then another year… and I watched the dream start to fade again. Finally in 2010 it returned. In all of its glory.

But everyone knows you don’t buy a car the first year it comes out. Too many issues. I knew what I wanted; red with white racing
stripes… Z28, manual transmission, I wanted to bark the tires shifting into 3rd and 4th gear.

In 2010 I finally went and drove one. The Bumblebee. The one they used in the Transformers movies. The salesman peed his pants riding with me. How often do women in business suits and stilettos walk in and say I want to test drive a Camaro… they go to grab the keys to the little silver V6…. Only for me to shake my head, “No…no… boy… THAT ONE,” he glances over at the Z28 stick shift and says, “um… can you drive that?” Drive it I did. Like I stole it.

My cravings got much worse after that, I was ready to settle for any of them, I wanted one so badly. But the final thing I was waiting for… the convertible. It had yet to be released.

Now they’re back, and as much as they make me swoon… things in my life are changing and have been changing. The car makes me nostalgic for days gone by, but I don’t want to live in the past. I’m very happy with where I am going and my future. Looking towards something more elegant, classy, still sexy, and sassy. It still makes my head turn when a Camaro goes by, and when I see the classics I still feel like a little girl searching for tools, but I think that’s just how I want to keep it.

A memory
that always makes me smile.