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There’s no sunlight. I feel small. Trapped. Like a hunted animal. The desk, is shackled to my foot, it’s cutting in and leaving marks on my skin. The computer beeps, there’s another email, it’s waiting for me to do some menial task to it. I’m fortunate to have a job, I remind myself as my head bounces off the keyboard as I fall in and out of consciousness for the 4th day in a road.

There is no sunlight. The air is cold, stale, dank. I allow the fantasy to move through my head as the word dank comes to mind and I envision myself in a dungeon from days gone by. They are going to torture me here. Pry me for information, drain the life from me slowly, daily, 2080 hours a year until I’m too old and feeble to come here anymore.

I cross another tally off on the wall. It helps pass the time. That and I send out these little blogs like rolled notes in floating bottles tossed to sea. Please God, let anyone respond. Let my note be read. Please don’t leave me here, in this box.

I need sunlight. It’s Friday I remind myself. The I see a clip from Office Space play in my mind, “yea, I just don’t think I’m going to go anymore,” and I chuckle. I walk a country mile to get a paper off the printer to find someone else has either picked it up, or it didn’t print… and my mind flashes to the gangsta rap scene in the same movie where they beat the shit out of the stupid office printer. Ah… I chuckle again.

I need sunlight.