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Hailey and Faith are off visiting with their grandparents before they head back to school next week. Visiting their grandparents means heading to my hometown of Navarre, Florida.

Today on the phone with them I got an earful of how they learned to snorkel today.

Granted, I am a little partial to this beach, but I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of envy as my memory provided me ample imagery of home. That and they learned something new, without their mom. Boo.

My parents were laughing explaining how long it took to teach the snorkel part to the girls. My dad said after nearly 2 hours of instruction and demonstration they both finally caught on to how to clear their snorkel and use their fins. I am sure this was definitely a sight to see.

Though I momentarily felt like I really missed out, I also was extremely grateful that my daughters got to spend the day in the sun and salt water… the day in the life of little fish. Days of my childhood relived with my parents… through my daughters eyes. Thanks Mom and Dad for being so involved with your grand daughters. (And mom, thanks for getting the pictures to me so quickly).

Faith as Hailey’s First Mate.

Hailey’s just like her Momma, born to drive. 😉

My parent’s rocking boat that they just got this summer. And in case you weren’t understanding why I was feeling a little green around the gills… this is Crab Island where they spent the day in the water.

Hello Sunshine State, oh how I love thee!!!