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I sat on my computer the other day for hours, pouring over ways to; make the blog successful, land e-book deals, book deals, free-lance opportunities, and writing contests. The plethora of information was overwhelming, all-consuming, and hope shattering. I stared at the screen, lusting after a way to just make this happen for myself when my mood changed, I threw a mini pity party and slammed the laptop shut. No one knew the anguish I was feeling. All alone, in my little bubble.

When I got home, I reopened the laptop, and sitting at the top of my facebook page, was a link from a dear friend to a blog called, “Chatting at the Sky,”Β  and a post entitled, “Why is it so hard to call yourself a writer?”

The post brought tears to my eyes. Here I was, giving up on myself. Throwing in the towel. Dismembering every piece I had ever written because I was feeling very unsuccessful. I closed the blog and just sat in wonder for a while. I thought about how words on paper are like music to me. They string along in a melody of released emotion that once I’ve shared, is no longer binding my mind. Words escape me in a kaleidoscope of color, always changing, yet always complimenting.

I am a writer.

It is what I was and am “destined” for… and I won’t give up. If I give up, I lose. It’s that simple.

Laura, thank you for the post, and being such a fan of my work. You’ve inspired me probably more than my little blog has ever inspired you πŸ˜‰ I do hope to return the favor though, thank you for believing in me and your timing on that post.

To the rest of my loyal readers, everydayΒ  every few minutes when I check my stats, I know that things are growing. There is progress being made. But whether or not anyone ever reads another word I’ve put out… it doesn’t change that fact that I am a writer. I really needed that reassurance.

Thank you, Chatting with the Sky!