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This Saturday is go time. My little diva’s 8th birthday.

6 months ago a friend leaked to me that Taylor Swift would be performing in Nashville, Tennessee on September 17.

I became one of those moms. The one stalking Ticketmaster for several hours trying to score tickets to an event that I could care less about. I had flashbacks to those parents I mocked and rolled my eyes at that stood for hours waiting for that STUPID Tickle Me Elmo doll that Christmas… what 2005?

I digress.

My daughter Faith is a Taylor Swift fanatic. She loves her. Reads all articles on her, has posters of her all over her room, tries to dress like her, sings all of her songs, and claims to be her biggest fan. When tickets finally went on sale, I was on it… like the crazy 70 year old that will hit you with her cart over a 20 dollar dvd player on Black Friday.

Finally, I was on the prowl… hunting down the tickets…. I could smell them. I was 5 minutes away from winning MOM OF THE CENTURY!!!! Then it happened… 60 dollar tickets started turning quickly into 80 dollar tickets and so on until I was beginning to get incredibly fearful that I was going to be chasing these SCALPING MANIACS into the 300 dollar range. But I had already made up my mind. THESE TICKETS WOULD BE OURS! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Just before I broke down mentally and had to call my bookie in… the transaction went through. Tickets landed. Now for 6 months I have been quietly sitting on these tickets…. waiting for her birthday. When I picked them up in Nashville from their dad’s house two weeks ago, she saw a giant billboard with Taylor on it saying she would be in Nashville on September 17th.

She. Freaked. Out.

“Mom, mom, Nashville’s not really that far is it? Couldn’t we come back?”

My heart broke. “Honey those tickets sold out months ago, I couldn’t get you one.” Inside the lie crushed me as I watched her face realize how close Taylor had been… and yet not reachable.

“It’s okay Mom, maybe next year.” She said it. Not enthusiastically, but she still went out there on the limb to make me feel better. I was a little more crushed.

Now… it’s on. It is nearly time to hand over the GOLDEN TICKETS.

We will be video taping her reaction to opening these tickets. I cannot wait to see my diva… finally see her diva. 😉