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Saturday I couldn’t wait until evening to finally see Faith open her birthday present that we had kept quiet for nearly 6 months… Taylor Swift concert tickets.

All of her presents were on the table, except that one. She opened them all, accepted them with sweet “thank you’s” and smiles. She “ohhh and Ahhh’d” at everything she opened.

When she was done, I told her I thought there might be one more in the garage. I brought in a great big beat up cardboard box, taped shut with duct tape (not a real attractive package mind you). She pulled the duct tape back and as the box opened a dozen helium filled balloons floated up and out of the box with her name on them. She was shocked at the balloons and all of the kids grabbed at them laughing.

She was content with a box full of balloons addressed to her. Then a bigger balloon floated out with the words, ROCK STAR on it, she grabbed that one claiming it before the other kids got to it.

We asked if there was anything else in the box, (she hadn’t pulled the balloon ribbon out yet) when she did, she found the ticket attached to her balloon.

“Read it outloud Faith,” the room echoed.

“You are invited to see Taylor Swift in concert September 17, in Nashville, Tennessee…love Mom and Dad.” Her voice was stammered and edged with disbelief as she jumped from her seat and ran to me. She threw her arms around me saying she loved me in a choked sobbing voice. When she looked up at me, tears were streaming down her face. We had done something magical. This birthday present will never be topped, and she will remember that moment for the rest of her life… As for me… I’m choked up just typing this.

I’m so fortunate to have a child that sees the effort in everything her parents do for her. Her heart is so big and watching it burst wide open as she read that ticket left no eye in the room dry.

Check out the video: