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This summer packed a lot of bang… um… okay after I typed bang, I knew that was the wrong word… but I cannot for the life of me come up with a replacement…this summer was magical…lame I liked bang better.


Russell and I renewed our wedding vows, went hang gliding, to a NASCAR race, a Zac Brown concert… and on and on and on… but this past weekend we went down to my hometown to pick the girls up from their grandparents house. That happens to be the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Saturday we had the opportunity to go out on the boat with my dad, the kids, and Russell’s brother to Crab Island, Destin. It was a poker run weekend so there were hundreds of boats on the water. I haven’t been to Crab Island in years. As I jumped off the bow of the boat into the thigh high crystal clear water my youth came rushing over me and sank with my toes into the sugar white sand.

A party barge close to us had Jimmy Buffett playing and the scent of cocoa butter rolled across salty smell of salt water, colliding into the perfect mixture of “beach.” It is one of my favorite smells in the world. It’s thick and intoxicating and as I inhaled it, I laid there on my little float letting the Florida sunshine burn my skin, and I was ALIVE.

Yesterday was our first day back to school, first soccer practice, cheer leading practice, and not sitting down until 8:30pm.  I walked the garden after dinner last night, checked on my plants, as the reality that things are going to get hectic started to seep in. As frustrating as it sometimes becomes, the fall is truly my favorite time of the year. Football is back, 4 wheelers will come out, fuzzy sweaters, chili, pumpkins, and all the rest.

I have a 3rd, 5th, and 8th grader now. Dear Lord, where is the time going? Thank you, thank you for a truly wonderful summer.

p.s. Ryan, it was nice having you all to ourselves this summer, we had a lot of fun. Love you and hope school gets off to a good start for you.