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Today has been one of those lazy Sundays that come around just when your need for one has almost consumed you. The girls spent the night at a friends last night so we woke leisurely to the sun streaming through the blinds letting us know that it was already late morning. We took our time getting the girls picked up and grocery shopping. Strolling through the isles, laughing as a family, and being all over slow.

After we put the groceries away, I forced everyone to clean for nearly 2 hours before we all fell into our own little cat naps on chairs and couches across the house. Even the dogs caved to the lemony fresh clean smell wafting through the air and pass out cold.

Once evening began to roll in, the girls and I went to the garden and picked several tomatoes and cucumber for our salad. They helped me slice them into the bowl and then they made the garlic bread. In order to redeem myself from a week of sneaking them out for Happy Meals as often as possible for my own benefit of Smurf collecting, I whipped up a gorgeous lasagna. `

Dinner around the table was Sunday dinner that I remember from months past. The girls giggling, Russell commanding them to eat, me snickering in happy contentedness. As the sun began to fade I went and sat on the swing in the backyard all alone. The pups ran in the fresh-cut grass and all just seemed right in my little world.

I looked back at the house, the lights shining in the windows and I know it’s full of life. It’s full of all the love that I could possibly want. I find I am grinning. It feels fantastic to smile like this. The only thing that keeps playing over and over in my mind is the song, “It feels like home to me.”

I am so grateful that things worked out with Russell and I. No one has ever been who he is to me… and I know that sentence sounds cliché, but he is home. He’s my best friend. He makes me a better person, pushing me, teaching me, supporting me.