We started our weekend the way we always do; BBQ, a great day of cheerleading, time out on the boat… but then the tropical depression in the Gulf made its way up into our neighborhood. A little disappointed that the rest of our Labor Day weekend was going to be drenched in wind and rain, Russell spent a good chunk of time pouting that we wouldn’t be able to take the boat out.

I faked disappointment as I carried my pillow (while still in my pajamas) to the couch. I turned my cell phone off, unplugged the MAC, and flipped on the TV. Ahhh Criminal Minds marathon…. score. I took up camp on the couch. I cat napped…. ate…. watched an episode…. napped….

When I woke up today, it was still raining. I am back on the couch. Criminal Minds is still on. I am still not moving. Our weekends are typically so fast paced that I don’t realize they went by before I find I am back at my desk on Monday morning.

But this weekend has been different. Slow. Easy. It’s becoming chilly outside and the rain is still pouring down. I’m snuggled deep under a fuzzy blanket with a down pillow. Yawn. Thank you for the rain, it came at just the right time. As always.