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What I wanted to be when I grew up changed faster than the seasons when I was a child. These always changing dream jobs did have something in common… TRAVEL.

The earliest career I can remember daydreaming about was me in the desert of Africa with a little paintbrush, dusting the sand from a Triceratops dinosaur. Then i fell in love with Egypt and the pyramids. Archeology seemed like a sure path. Then one night staring at the stars I decided that maybe Space was where I wanted to go… that dream changed the first time I saw footage of Australia. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef made me want to spend time under water, learning all that I could. Marine Biology became my passion. It lasted several years, through middle school even.

As high school rolled around I fell in love with my English, Literature, Journalism, History, and Law Classes. John Grisham was putting out a new novel about every 6 months and I was determined to go to Law School. That didn’t last very long, because I knew I wanted to travel more than work 90 hour weeks locked in an office. I realized the best way to entwine all of my favorite things would be to write and photograph for a magazine or television channel like Discovery, National Geographic, Discovery, Travel, History…. etc.

When time came for me to make the call and head off to college… I did what I have had a tendency to do my whole life. I panicked. I had the grades and the recommendations to head off to the University of Florida… but I didn’t go. I went down to the recruiting station, scared of failure… and signed up to go in the USAF. 2 months after I graduated, I was off to Basic Training.

Basic Training would be the beginning of my growing up phase, but oh did I still have so much to learn.