I just wanted to say thank you to all my readers right now… family, friends, blogging family, strange guy I don’t know at all… the feed back I have gotten this week has been really great. Very helpful and positive. I appreciate all of you that have made an effort to comment, call me, email me, or just let me know that you’ve been reading and are enjoying what you are reading.

Blogging family, I am reading your work still. My new job is not a wordpress friendly area, so I have subscribed to most of my favorites via email, so trust me, just because I don’t comment as much as I used to, I am still reading and very much a fan. Lorna, Al, Ducks, Phil, Rach, Isadora… you guys I love your blogs, and all of your feedback on mine. I just wanted to take a moment to make sure I told you.

Russell… I know it’s weird to see my life story on a monitor for our family and friends to read brutal honest truth as it is just being put out there, things that I have buried for eons… but as I have written each blog, it’s like I have pushed a little boat out to sea. Everyone that I hit publish on, is a released bound thought. I really have no other way to describe it for you… as a writer, words have always been like a prison in their own right (write) ha! they can tie you up and keep you until you find the right pattern to put the puzzle pieces where they fit.  I love you seems too small a set of words to give you, but I give them to you whole and without constraints. I appreciate you being who you are for me and with me… because I know I’ve been the black swan lately.