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I have found myself lately putting my words to paper. Mostly to get them all out of my head. Most people clean out their mental closet to a shrink, close friend, take it to the grave, God… or a million other ways. Me… I write it down. This blog has been an outlet unlike any other I’ve ever experienced. I am going to continue my story this week.

I was driving yesterday while listening to the Counting Crows song Round Here off of the VH1 Story Tellers album, and I got to thinking about all the music that affects me and why. The stories in music has this ability to wrap itself around you and a time period. Songs attach themselves to memories better than anything else can. Song can trigger scent, visions, stir emotion, demand tears…. there is no boundary for song.

Please listen to this song and tell me what comes to your mind. Let it flow through you… just listen. I’ve been in this place for weeks it feels. I can’t seem to free myself from somewhere in the gray. This is good and bad for me. When I am in this mood the words flow easily. I can write. Melancholy pours from the pen with ease, pain fades in and out like the color of aged bruises.

Anyway check out this song… let it play all the way through… that is all. 🙂