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I would be out of the military and a stay at home mom for nearly a month and a half before the baby was due. My mom would be coming over to help me manage Hailey and a newborn (and obviously to see London) and she was staying for 6 weeks. My excitement level was through the roof because I hadn’t seen any family in almost 2 years. All that excitement was dragging the days of August by.
The countdown for baby and my mom consumed my mind.
To stay busy Hailey and I would take walks to buy apples from the local market. Then we would bake oodles of apple pie. I mastered the pie crust in a week. We had apple pie coming out of our ears. Apples were cheap and in season, so my ability to use them in recipes became a fun challenge for me (yes, this was really how lame my life was at this point). I made baked apples, stuffed apples, …. You can take off running with this like Forrest Gump did over shrimp… apple kabobs… fried apples… yadda yadda yadda. They were wonderful.
It really didn’t take me long to become extremely bored with apples.
The house was spotless. The tv didn’t work. Oh my God, what do stay at home mom’s do all day? Hailey and I painted. We walked the dog. We napped. Ate lunch. Napped. Folded a basket of laundry. Checked the clock. Yawn. Really? Is this what I had become? I was bored silly. I loved all my extra play time with Hailey but I had zero adult interaction and it had only been 2 weeks. My brain was going stir crazy.
When he would walk in the house from work I would want to talk. I know I practically pounced him for attention as he entered, which probably wasn’t the best idea… but hey I needed to speak ADULT! He’d look at me like I had blown a gasket, eat dinner and retreat to his computer. I eventually began to order books online. I read everything I could get my hands on and then I would read it again. I needed something to do.
As the third week of August began, my mom flew out to be present for the birth of our daughter. But as her flight took off so did my contractions and within hours Faith was present. As fate would have it, she was the last person to find out that her granddaughter had been born healthy and happy.