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I knew right away that something was different about this tiny little bundle of baby. She was not like Hailey. She cried. And cried. And cried. And ate. And cried. And then ate some more. What on earth was this monstrosity!

Babies are supposed to be angelic! Hailey was such an easy baby. She cooed, and ate, and slept…and smiled at her mommy. If Faith was awake, she was crying. If she was sleeping she would be up soon to cry and to eat. I tiptoed past this little person and shushed anyone within 300 yards of her. Please GOD don’t wake IT up. It’s 2 am for the love of Pete.

For the first several days I had no idea what to do with her. I could never figure out what was bothering her. She just seemed to demand every second of my attention. Hailey had lost interest in having a little sister when she realized who was responsible for all of the racket and stealing mommy time. Hailey would run past her swing and cram a pacifier or bottle in her face, usually making the crying worse.

Thank goodness my mom was there. I had someone to hand her off to. She seemed to calm a lot if you would just rock her upright on your shoulder…. But do not consider setting her down. She could sense it. Like a Jedi.

He didn’t spend too much time around her, she cried a lot and he couldn’t handle it. His gaming habit became a drug to him. He would damn near throw you out of in front of his computer the moment he came in the room.

Hailey remained my little hero. My little toddler, so much bigger than she knew. Sometimes I would just scoop her up into a hug and hold her until she squirmed desperately for me to put her down.

When Faith was right at 3 weeks old, it was time to make the trip to take Mom to see London and the countryside. It was only the 2nd time I had been there. We hadn’t traveled in months. Not since I had begun talking about getting out of the military. It began all of the money wars that we had in California over, so we never went and did anything.

London was nothing short of breathtaking. The city wrapped around the fact that it was built centuries ago. Twists and turns, little streets dumping into alleys, turning into six lane motorways. The trains running under and above ground, horses mixed into traffic, people walking everywhere from every nation in the world.

The old architecture mixed with the new was a beautiful contrast of light to gray. They blended like ballet dancers flowing together but very much independent of each other. The passion that flooded my soul stepping into a world of unknowns lit my walk on fire. That day in London with my mom was flawless.