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I’ve had a blog in my mind for days about something that cracked me up the other day. Then I started to doubt my ability to be funny, you know the way a true pessimist does. It is who I am. I see the flaws and cracks in even the brightest most sunshiny of things. I call it being prepared. Others call me negative. Potato Potato… sounds the same if you write it.

See, I call a spade a spade… I’ve always thought that made me more of a realist… but anywho… here comes my story. I am stuck in traffic 3 days ago waiting to get on the military installation where I work. We have to go through a gate, show our badges etc… so it takes some time to funnel 6 lanes of traffic through these gates.

I’m inching along slowly… wishing I had Office Space theme music playing in my car, cause sometimes, “Damn it feels good to be a gangsta,” is the only song that will truly fit the moment. If you haven’t seen that movie… go now. I will wait.

In front of me is a Toyota Prius in some sort of puke mint chocolate chip green color. Kind of like this:

This isn’t anything spectacular, I know. But the bumper sticker on the back corner panel catches my eye and I erupt into mean giggles as my pessimism takes hold and I run scenerio after scenerio through my mind.

The bumper sticker looks like this:

Really? You can run that Prius on optimism? I see you didn’t opt for the Hemi when you found out you were going to have to maintain this motor with positive thinking. Nope you opted for the only car on the road that can actually coast for 500 miles on it’s last ounce of fuel. Maybe this is the car for me. I could surely maintain enough optimism to power a Prius. Does that mean the driver’s cup is half full or half empty? I’m not sure.