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Being back in my parents’ house felt surreal at first. Having family around all the time to help with the kids and love on us made my heart burst with happiness. The parts of me that had been shut down for so long started to rebuild and open back up. My brother and sister had grown up in the 5 years I had been away and the teenagers that replaced the little kids I had left were really great to be around.

Spring time in Florida  is breathtaking and I spent many days relaxing at the beach while the girls played in the sand. Faith was sitting up and scooting around by this time and she loved to get her fists full of sugar white sand and never release it. The sunshine did wonders for my soul. Being away from him was like getting to start over. His phone calls were few and far between, normally only calling to complain about twenty dollars I had spent here or there, but never to talk or ask me how I was doing. He’d ask about the girls, say he’d see us in June for his sister’s wedding and that was it.

About a month after I had been home I was sitting on the couch watching my brother and sister battle out a round of Dance Dance Revolution when the doorbell rang. While I was busy laughing at them I turned to door knob and pulled the door towards me, when I turned to see who was there my giggles stuck in my throat as I tried to catch my breath. I tried to recover quickly as I felt my pulse racing in my ears. It wasn’t until I heard a very familiar, “Hi ya Jeanna,” that I was able to find my voice and my manners enough to greet him and let him into the house.

After a quick hug I returned to my place on the couch feeling awkwardly nervous and uncharacteristically shy. I couldn’t believe how trembly I was feeling inside. Standing there laughing with my brother was the boy next door. Well what used to be the boy next door. Now there was a 20 year old, 6 foot 2 construction worker with sandy blonde curly hair, bright green eyes, and a killer smile standing there.  I used to pick on this kid….. A LOT.