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I suppose in order to really explain what all was going on in my life at this point we have to go back in time to me as a child. I have to give you some back ground on my family before you’ll truly see the picture I am laying out for you.


 I am the oldest daughter of a couple that fell in love in 1980. They had both been in the United States Navy for about 2-3 years when they were introduced late one night in January outside of San Francisco California. They were products of their generation. My dad was a wild blue-eyed boy with a love for puppies, hot rod cars, and women that told him how it was. My mom knew her worth, loved her country, and fought for her beliefs. They were opposites that fell in love fast and hard.


 Their love would ignite their souls but their stubborn sides would separate them like oil from water. As a little girl I knew that when I fell in love, I wanted what they had.  They held hands everywhere they went and when they looked at each other their feelings were obvious.


 On nights when they would fight, I can remember laying in bed listening… even their arguments were passionate. They fought hard, loud, and unfairly. Then a few days later, they would be okay again. Their fighting never came down to my level. I never had any of their wrath boil over on me. They both doted on me nonstop and made sure I knew how important I was to them.


 Our holidays were traditional… Christmas was a huge deal… along with Easter, 4th of July, and Thanksgiving. Our birthdays we celebrated all week-long. I was taught to thank God every night before I went to bed. I had a little dog that followed me around everywhere. I watched Smurfs and the Wonder Years. My life was very normal.


 When I was 5 my brother came along and then when I was 7 my little sister. Behind the scenes my parents were still fighting, a lot. They would for several years. But they never tired of trying to fix their relationship. Their love was real and worth the fight. Their dedication to their marriage has always been inspiring to me, even when I  have questioned  why they are even still together.


 My parents worked and partied hard. They coached softball, played board games, took us camping… you name it. We had dogs, cats, birds, lizards, fish, hamsters… whatever us kids were into at the time. But behind the scenes, like any adults, they were dealing with their own battles. They still fought off and on about all of the big topics, money, time, lying… etc. They’re confusing relationship and devotion to each other would set the stage for how I would feel about love and what love was worth for the rest of my life.