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As the weeks went floating by my friendship with the boy next door blossomed. He was always hanging out with my brother, so I made it a point to always be around the house. He adored Hailey and Faith and spent hours on the floor playing with them. He would bring them little surprises when he came over to visit so of course they began to jump on him the second he entered the room. Watching a man play with my daughters as interactively as he did made my heart warm towards him even more than I realized.
   As time went by, my fights with England continued over finances…the weather… the price of tea in China… you name it… so I went out and got a waitressing job to prevent needing any money from him. We argued every time we talked which had become every other week. His sister’s wedding was looming over me and I knew soon I would have to see him again. I wasn’t ready. The thought was terrifying. I was enjoying life where I didn’t have to worry at all.
   My parents detested every second I spent with the boy next door. They actually came to the point where they forbade it. I was a married woman, living in their home I would act the way I was supposed to. Although we were not physically together, it was clear to see we had fallen crazy in love. I battled my parents over it, standing in the middle of the room… a 23 year old mother of 2… fighting to see the boy next door. Looking back, my thoughts on the whole subject are still twisted up.
   This battle drove a huge wedge between my parents and me. The parents I had when I lived at home had changed. Their rules, thoughts, dreams, everything had changed. Since I had moved away my “party like rock star” parents had become “Christians”. I really didn’t understand how you become a Christian at the time. I had always thought if you believed in God and the birth of Jesus you were a Christian.  This battle would rage right up until “England” came to visit for his sister’s wedding.