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This story goes back a ways, if you’d like to catch it from the beginning, check it out HERE

My teen years were normal as well. I had a close circle of friends that did well in school and partied on the weekends. Our parties were fairly tame, we were good kids… Not out to hurt anyone, destroy property, or steal things. We just wanted to hang out, drink a little beer, and break curfew.

One night at 14 or 15 years old, I went to church with two of my friends. At the end of service when they asked people to come forward, I felt a weird sense of self to go forward. I wasn’t exactly sure why, but I knew that I was called to be something bigger than I was. I received salvation that night. When I went home and told my parents all about it, they laughed at me. They told me God wasn’t lost, and that I didn’t have to be saved to go to heaven. Remember this, we’ll come back to it in a moment… because after this day… things returned to normal.

High school went by with the blink of an eye and before I knew it I was getting in a car leaving for Air Force basic training. I left my sister in tears hiding behind my mom and my brother smiling about being able to take over my side of the bedroom. And just like that, I was gone.

Things changed drastically at my parents house after I left. A home that had always believed in “God” was introduced to the reality of Salvation and what that entailed. The Lord had swooped down and taken over their household. Parents that once partied hard… became church going, bible study leading, righteous path following… parents. If at ever my tone sounds mocking, I do not mean for it to at all. The change that happened in my parents’ home was unbelievable, yet very very real.

My father went from being someone that new all the local bars, bands, and dancers to being a minister. The transformation in his life was nothing short of an act of God’s love for him. He changed. They changed. I was off growing up myself so I had to resort to following this transformation via phone calls, and complaining letters from my brother and sister. They weren’t sure what to make of the changes and to be honest, neither was I.

My brother is a loss to the Nintendo generation (when I say loss of course I am kidding I only mean he could have graduated from MIT with 6 doctorates degrees but he was busy beating the newest game out by Playstation/X-Box/whatever console Nintendo is on)…. And when my parents began changing things in the house, they did what my brother would refer to still to this day as bleaching the house. They removed all of his Dungeons and Dragons, World of Warcraft, you name it… and this would be a loss my brother would still mourn over today.

But this is where they were in their life. As an adult, it’s much easier to see this than it was as a child. Even though I was 19! Hahaha. Funny we think we’re adults at 19. Someone should just smack us all with a stick. Anyway, I digress that’s a whole different blog entirely. I just wanted to give you a little back ground so that you would see what happens with boy next door and me and why it would tear me apart mentally.