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Lately it has been very emotional over here on Xanax or Running Shoes and my story has attracted several steady readers that I would like to send a big thank you too. In this dramatic mess of blogging one of my favorite readers, commenter, and fellow bloggers Lorna nominated me for the most Versatile Blog Award.

Being nominated comes with the following rules:

  1. Copy and paste the Award Image to your “Acceptance Post” (check).
  2. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you (check).
  3. Disclose 7 random facts about yourself (check it out below).
  4. Notify the bloggers I nominate (should be 15) for this award so the award makes the rounds to the multitudes of versatile, creative voices I’ve “discovered” in my blogging escapades (will get right on that).
I personally have roughly 45 blogs I follow, but there are only a few that I stop what I am doing when I get an email and read their newest post. I think those blogs are the ones I will recognize….so me being the rule breaker I am… there probably won’t be 15 that I nominate.
Here randomly are my fave:
Now as for 7 random things about me….
1. I am incredibly clumsy. I always clip my shoulder on walls and chairs because I do not judge the distance right. This happens to me any time I am every even remotely attempting to be sexy. Without FAIL.
2. I have seen every episode of Friends, I can recite most of them, and yet any time I have the opportunity to watch it, I will because regardless of how my day has been it will make my cheeks hurt from all the laughter.
3.  I am not able to walk through a dog pound, adoption facility, veterinary clinic etc… without wanting to take how something fluffy. I love puppies and dogs to pieces, if I had it my way I would be a dog HOARDER.
4. My biggest fear in life is failure. Failure of self. I do not want to get to my death-bed and have this giant list of things I always wanted to do and never did. That terrifies me. That and going blind. Other than that, I don’t really have any fears.
5. I could eat potato wedges covered in bacon, cheese, and dipped in ranch dressing until I was 600 pounds. It may be the greatest thing on the planet to eat.
6. One day after my children move out I hope to travel the world living out of a backpack for a year or better at a time. Hopefully I can do some work with Red Cross or some other branch of service to provide relief to different places.
7.  I have no faith in our government to protect us. I am a gun owner and I am trained to use it. The thought of shooting someone to protect my family doesn’t even make me flinch.
There ya go! 7 random facts about me and 10 of my favorite blogs to check out. Thanks again for the nomination Lorna, I am truly appreciative.