Standing here looking... once you put the info out there.... you can't get it back. Hmmmm

I have been telling my personal story for a while now and in the last few days I have found myself slowing. The reason? The story gets harder. The woman in it gets weaker. I sort of slip into an oblivion for a while where I don’t even recognize myself. I started writing this journey as inspirational help for others, but what I have found is that in reopening old battle wounds it’s caused deep internal reflection. Reflection of a time when I wasn’t my best.

It’s not that I am scared to tell my story. I guess what I find I am having difficulties with is, how to tell my story. The way I feel about it changes constantly, so will I tell it angry? Will I still be hurt? Can I be funny and nonchalant like I am completely over it and it’s been dealt with? Ha. I am just not sure.

What I do know is I am standing on this side looking back… and my location is pretty darn great these days. It’s not like it I am still stuck in any of this mess…. well not completely. I suppose my past has made my present complicated several times over. Your past has great CARBON FOOTPRINT….. or in my case…. giant COWBOY BOOTPRINTS on your future. But does it have to?