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That’s right…. apparently NOVEMBER is National Novel Month…. or something along those lines. We have devoted months of the year to all sorts of things, so why not have a novel writing month?

This year via wordpress I stumbled upon this website:


This really made my brain start wizzing around in circles and creating all kinds of psychotic demands on myself. The challenge? To write a novel in one month. Yep.


Okay so all of you that know what a procrastiNATOR (kind of makes me sound a little like a super hero) I am that are doubled over laughing so hard you can no longer read this… be warned. Yes, I am found of procrastination… but I also love a great deadline and this has a deadline EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

The writing doesn’t have to be edited, it simply has to be written. The idea isn’t to have a book that is ready to go hit a shelf at the end of November, the idea is to have a novel that can be sent to an EDITOR at the end of November.

Hmmmm…. brain is spinning some more at this point. Yes, yes I think I would love to give this a shot. Write a novel in a month? I feel my stomach tie in a knot… sure… why the hell not? (damn that was a completely unintentional knot to not thing…. but I am going to leave it).

I also want to challenge you, reader… is writing a novel on your list of things to do? Then join me!! (Because seriously… I am going to need a fan club come day mmmmmm…… 6).