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I’m sitting at my desk tapping on everything in sight. Staring at the clock I realize it isn’t moving at all. I tap it… no effect. Hmm… the anxiety, angst, rollercoastery butterfly feeling in my stomach feels really fantastic. Italy is on the horizon.

One hour and I am out of this cubicle.

 Four hours and I am on the road to Florida.

 Twenty-three hours and I am on a plane to Atlanta.

Thirty-eight hours and I will be stepping off of a Boeing 767 in Rome. ROME. ROME!!! (Is there a way to make the word flash and have fireworks come out of it?)…

Wow. But the best part is that I get to see my Grandmother’s face as we fly over the city. Flying in over the Colosseum I get to watch her eyes light up like a 5-year-old on Christmas morning. There is something so tremendously FLOORING about seeing someone else ELATED and knowing you had a hand in it.

Oh yes, I have every intention of putting on 20 pounds in the next week.

I cannot keep myself still. I cannot wait to go, it seems this countdown has been ticking down forever, and as time only can do… it is approaching. That is so amazing to me. The effect of time, its play into everything that happens anywhere, to anyone, to anything. It just keeps moving. I’m feeling deliriously giddy with excitement. Xanax will be down for a few days, I didn’t take the time to get you guys any guest bloggers or write ahead or any of those things I had planned on doing to keep the website going. I am just going off radar. Yep. Don’t worry, we will have plenty to catch up on when I return.