I have landed myself back at my desk in my boring old cubicle with a mind full of stories. The only trouble being… where to start.  I took over 1600 pictures while I was in Italy, and the downloading of those on to my MAC of course when quickly, but my OCD detailing and scoping of each of them… deciding which are fantastic and which should immediately hit the trash can on my desktop has proved to be a more than one night and two cocktail task.

The trip was phenomenal. I have many travel tips and things to post going forward, but I wanted to stop and touch base for a moment. I wanted to let everyone who was in the middle of reading my personal story, that it will continue daily. I will blog about that during the day and post Italy stuff in the evenings.

My sarcasm button is still somewhat jet lagged, that mixed with the fact that once again I am standing in a cross roads in life, trying to keep on keeping on without anyone getting hurt in my path… you know… other than of course… ME.

I’m worn out, worn thin, angry, content, and surprisingly numb currently. As the story plays out, you will learn why, what is going on in my world… etc.

But let’s get back to the Boy Next Door, and the journey that led me to this place.