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There’s a person in my life… well… I suppose I should say there is a person that used to be in my life that has taken up making sure I know that they are reading my blogs and still watching my every move.

This is annoying to say the least. I have the ability to block them so that they can no longer read the things that make me laugh, cry, mad, or just my silly little opinions… but for some reason I just won’t hit the block button on their name.

This is an open forum area, where people can say and do as they will and if you really have nothing better to do than pour yourself over my blogs, making little comments here and there or just hitting the like button so that it seems as if you’ve somehow cyber space peed on my posts… well go right ahead.

I’ve noticed. I hear you. But I really don’t care…. actually I suppose that isn’t true. It does bug me. I hope that’s what you wanted to hear. You’ve annoyed me. Go you.

But i can assure you that reading my words as my world goes on and on and on and on with no more mention of you than this one and only post… it’s going to do nothing but annoy you as well.