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Sunday the Denver Broncos took on the Pittsburg Steelers in the wildcard battle for the AFC. After a season of Tim Tebow bashing, I was personally elated with the success of the Broncos.

I’ve wondered how a nation that “supports its troops,” and sends its finest to the Olympics, and the list goes on and on… can actually hope for an athlete to fail. Not only fail, but get hurt, have a terrible season, be publically ridiculed, etc.

Ever notice how when they compare this new NFL quarterback to other quarterbacks in the league, they pick All-Stars like Drew Brees or Tom Brady to bounce his stats against? They never pick a quarterback like what’s his face from Cleveland… wait… what is his name anyway? Anybody?

I’ve found that before games, the hosts are bashing his ability to throw the football, his size, the way he throws, the fact that he’s left-handed… his 1.729 yards he threw for in the regular season. That’s an average of  108 a game.

Not great. I won’t even drag that out.

 But being the quarterback is not just about passing yards. Tebow has 5 OT wins under his belt this season. He has the most rushing touchdowns. He can get a crowd motivated. He can get a team riled. He is the underdog.  

Isn’t that what America is all about? Don’t we all love those classic movies like, “The Sandlot,” “Mighty Ducks,” “The Replacements,” “Varsity Blues,” “Any Given Sunday,” and a thousand others where the little guy goes in and blows everyone’s mind?

Lastly, never count out the precious little seed called FAITH. Tebow has lit a fire in football stadiums across the country because he has something. He wears his faith on his sleeve and has no qualms saying what it is he believes and what he stands for.

After years of NFL players getting busted for drugs, sexual pictures, rape cases, beaten dogs… Tebow is a breath of fresh air. You can bash him all you want, call him tons of names, nothing will change that fact that this year he was the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos, and if he never plays another season of football, at the end of the day he will still be Tim Tebow.  The guy that knows who he is and what he wants.

 He will still maintain a hospital in the Philippines and spend his days doing outreach programs for kids. He’s a good guy, America. Put him up there next to Spiderman, apple pie, and lazy Sunday’s and just let him be, quit hoping he will fail.