Question:  How can you tell such personal stories online when people could so easily use this information against you?

Answer:  This is actually a great question that many people have asked me. It has several answers. Let’s start with the following… writing down my story has been very therapeutic for me. Many of the things that have happened to me in my life I have never had the time or know how to deal with. Life is fast paced, especially when you work full-time and have children. There is no, “lay around with a half-gallon of Ben and Jerry’s for 3 months in the same pajamas” time available in my life.

I am the oldest child in my family and as such, it was always my job to be the “mother hen” to my siblings. They didn’t mother me, it was my job. So when it comes to taking care of me, I always considered it my job. (And yes, I have great loving parent’s but I have this deranged inability to disappoint them that prevents me from talking to them many times when I should).

Sharing my personal stories in many ways has moved certain things out of my system, but just remember for every story you’ve read, there are a million I have buried. The ones I have written have typically been about people who are completely out of my life at this point. I have yet to really have the guts to write about the people still in my life.

After I began writing my story, I received many emails from people who had gone through similar traumas or events and reading mine made them feel less isolated. Being inspiring through agony? Well that’s quite flattering, and if mere words could comfort someone else, then I was definitely up for the challenge.

Now back to the meat of the question… things that people could use against me… hmmm… well to be 100% honest no one could ever beat the shit out of me about my bad choices more than I CAN…. HAVE…. DONE…. WILL CONTINUE TO DO…. more than me. There is nothing that can be said that I haven’t said to myself. And I can’t change it now.  

So as brave as it may seem to you readers, that I do put so much out there… I’ve held so much back. I suppose if my blog was completely anonymous I would write all my thoughts and life out as I see it… but sometimes knowing your audience is crucial and being any more honest than I am, would destroy my world as I know it. So don’t think me too brave. 😉