I sit in traffic occasionally and stare at the cars around me. The ones full of families chatting, a couple staring out opposite windows, a couple leaning on each other enjoying the red light’s moment of stillness, the lady applying lipstick, the guy playing the drums on the steering wheel, the teenagers taking pictures in the car with their phones, the dogs with their nose prints on the glass… they all tell a story. In this shared moment paused at the light, we’re all at the same spot in life, yet we’re not.

The light will change and these cars will move on down this highway. Some go back and forth on it, others are just passing through, but all hold people… and their stories. Your truck, it holds you. It holds a story that was shared, for a moment in this quickly passing lifetime our cars took the same road, your map led to the same place mine did. We’ve been the couple sharing a stop light kiss, the couple staring out opposite windows, the family laughing on our way into town for dinner, the family quietly watching the day fade away at yet another red light.

The other day I saw your truck and my heart skipped. I had no idea where it was going, where it had been, the things it had seen that day. It went by, with the other traffic…with the other people…it went by. An Adele lyric floats to my mind, “even now when we’re already over, I can’t help myself from looking for ya…” I keep driving and the silence pulls more lyrics from the shelves of my mind. Rob Thomas sings out, “just three miles from the rest stop, she slams on the brakes… wondering what you’re dreaming when… it came to mind that I didn’t care….gotta find more than what’s happening with you.” I can’t take the invasion of my thoughts that my mental stereo is beating me with so I turn on the radio to find this….

This isn’t just about a person… or people… it’s about a hunger within… and I still haven’t found… what I’m looking for. Go safely truck… thank you for being in so many of my moments.