It’s a Friday morning, the sunshine was fighting to break through the rain clouds that have been stalking my town, and there was a comment on my dashboard telling me I am lovely this morning. Could this day get any better? I was nominated this morning for the One Lovely Blog Award by my favorite Narcissist (well other than myself).

I was flattered to be nominated for this blog because Teri over at The Narcissist’s Blog is one of my favorite blogs to read. She tells it how it is, isn’t afraid to lose a reader over her opinion and has a very witty way about her. She’s one of the few bloggers I feel like I know personally just by following her writing. (No, not in the creepy stalker sense, sorry to disappoint you guys).

So as if I won my first Oscar… there are of course rules that come with being nominated for an award, and they go like this:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Name your nominated blogs 10-15 is the standard number. Then notify them that you have done so.
  3. Share seven things about yourself.

Teri, since I know how much you love the attention 🙂 I will of course thank you once more!  I do appreciate it greatly.

Now to name blogs that I highly recommend my readers check out:

Simply Solo– Great blog about starting life anew, always witty and charming to read.

I’ve Survived and I’m Flying– Caroline is always open and honest in her emotions and her questions on life, they demand some good answers.

Hey Sparky, What Time is It? -Lisa, this blog is always funny, always pulls me in and makes me laugh. I love it!

Rob Slaven Photography– I am a photo junkie and I love his work, check him out!

The Roy Report- This blog is news based… and well written. The opinion here always makes me think, even if I don’t agree. Love it!

Hobbling Around– I like blogs that make me laugh, and this one never disappoints.

Free Your Mind– This is a blog that I’ve recently begun reading, and so far I love it.

As far as naming remaining blogs, the ones in my blog roll, I read all the time, but they are always getting awards… and we aren’t suppose to duplicate… but I don’t want to just give this award to just anyone because I feel obligated to hit 10, so I am breaking the rules. OHHHHHHHH SNAP.


You want to know seven random things about me? If you read my blog you probably know way more about me than any one person would care to, but I will give this a shot anyway.

1. I hit the snooze button repeatedly every morning even though I don’t ever really fall back to sleep. I am actually angry with the alarm for nearly 20 minutes before I sulk my way to the shower.

2. I am completely terrified to submit my writing to anyone with any real authority to “judge” it because failure is just not my thing.

3. I love road trips with loaded iPods, horrible junk food, and cheap sunglasses.

4. I could sit on the floor with my dogs all laying on my for hours just scratching their ears and talking to them.

5. When I find a book I like, I read it from cover to cover in hours…and I am saddened when the last page comes. If it doesn’t grab my heart it could take me weeks to read, or I may never finish it.

6. I could eat bacon at each meal of the day.

7. I never had any intention of having children and sometimes they make me near insane… but I would die fighting for them.

There you have it! 10 kick ass blogs to check out, 7 random facts about me, and a great big shout out to one of my favorite blogs!