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Being loved by a narcissist is looking pretty darn good on Xanax. That line sounded very wierd when I reread it, but the rewording may only make it worse.

Xanax or running shoes was nominated for two more awards, and I think… yep… I’m gonna take them. I was nominated by The Narcissist’s Blog for the Versatile Blogger Award and the 7×7 award.

As always I am requested to nominate a few more from my reading list, that I think do a great job on their own blogs and are worth stopping in and checking out!

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I know now I am supposed to give you random facts, but I am sure if I get any more random with you guys, you’ll probably stop reading… but I guess I will chance that in order to stick to the rules.

1. I never expected to hear my precious 90s music on an oldies station, and I am still always suprised when they “flash back” to 1997. WTF.

2. I like to dip really great salty french fries in frosty’s at Wendy’s.

3. I kill plants. Not on purpose.

4. I have watched the director’s cut Lord of the Rings movies consecutively.

5. Italy was so amazing that I have dabbled with the thought of living there.

6. Traveling money drives me to go to work almost more than the need for food.

7. My favorite “girlie” drink is an appletini.