Do you ever type a whole blog… and then delete it? You know there are words locked up inside, that you think should come out of you… at some point or another… but not right now. Not yet. Not today?

This keeps happening to me this week. I started a serial story about why I am so jaded… and fact is, I could put it all out there… but when I am done telling that story, I will know that I am still so jaded because I have had some really pathetic crappy annoying insane interesting people in my life from aΒ very early age.

The biggest problem with all of the anger that I have built up towards people that I care about is that it only comes out when I have had one too many margaritas, glasses of champagne, shots of tequila, glasses of wine… drinks…

This means that what may be a very happy Jeanna… on drink number 3… can turn into a psychotic, not quite as cute, slurred speech, and throwing thing Jeanna on drink number 5. I don’t know what it is about alcohol that allows the unleashing of all things usually kept in dark places… but it does that for me to me.

It would be much faster if I just typed a blog calling individuals out and telling them all the pent up things that I have stored away in closets of my mind, but that’s really not what this blog is for… it’s more for moving passed these things. Oh how nice that sounds. How simple. Cute even.

Moving Passed Something. Sigh.

Dear jumbled content of my head… please get out… leave me be. I need to sleep.