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Sure it’s easy to hate Valentine’s Day. It’s gone commercial. It’s overdone. It’s expensive.

Men have this check list they are supposed to follow of chocolates, teddy bears, flowers, restaurants, and jewelry. If they don’t get it just right, they’re sleeping on the couch. At least this is how it is portrayed.

Whaaa… whaa…. whaaaaaa…

I’ve even heard from many girls that they hate the holiday, because it causes undo stress.

I know they’re lying. Women that claim to hate this holiday say they hate it in an attempt to let their husband/fiance/boyfriend off the hook, because they know ahead of time that it has been forgotten, ignored, put off, or will be a last minute stop at Wal-Mart for a card and chocolates that have been clearanced and set next to the Easter candy. HOW PATHETIC IS THIS?

Why?… Why is it so difficult to put yourself aside for one day, and show someone else that they are important to you? Because you’re lazy? Because you’re selfish? Because it’s all hype? Hmmm… Excuses. Excuses. Excuses.  This is something you should be doing everyday to begin with… but I won’t even get into that.

Does it have to be expensive? Nope. Does it have to be by the book…candy, card, flowers… NOPE.

What is it that us women want? Here’s the SHOCK…. we like a little forethought. Just like we like foreplay… you know that beforehand stuff that shows us this isn’t just about you?!?

Yep. I dared to say it.

The thought actually counts here guys.

Valentine’s day isn’t our second birthday each year. This isn’t a good holiday for a new cell phone… no matter what the commercials say.

This is a great day… to make breakfast together… to be late to work because you spent an extra hour in bed… to show up with take-out for lunch…. to leave a note in the car of promises for later…. have a glass of wine poured when she gets home from work…. go get massages together…

What we want most of all, in the busy 9-5… kids screaming….sports channel on… world that we live in… is just a reminder. A flashback to the beginning of a relationship. The flirting, the kissing, the ATTENTION.

You cover your woman in attention on Valentine’s Day… I can promise you, if she’s a girl worth being with… she’s going to be ecstatic.

Don’t get me wrong… flowers… all of that… we love that too… but we hate knowing that you did anything out of OBLIGATION…because it is Valentine’s Day and you HAD to. You stopped on your way home and got flowers at Texaco…. not hot… not sexy… not appreciated. Don’t stand there wondering why she’s looking at you like you are a total tool bag.

Valentine’s Day is for lovers… not just for girls. How does that always get lost in translation? Trust me, we’ve all been looking at catalog after catalog of everything from sexy to slutty lingerie since Christmas trying to find just the right thing to make your jaw hit the floor and your pulse to start to race.

You want to see the slutty lingerie? We know you do… so quit hating… get out there and remind us why we love spending all of our time with you.