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I recently entered a photography contest over at one of my favorite blogs: The Dark Globe… I entered one of my favorite photos… and somehow managed to pull of a 2nd place award. This has me quite pleased with myself and walking a little taller today.

The photo:

The story:

This barn used to catch my attention daily on my drive to and from work. I always looked at it. The sun would set behind it, bringing out all the magical colors of the rust, and it just radiated. I wondered who had worked in it, loved in it, watched animal friends being born in it… or dying… The barn had serious character and I wanted to know what it had seen.

April of last year showered my (yes….my) state of Alabama with tornadoes. This barn was a victim of one of these. All those days I had driven past it, I had never stopped to photograph it, although I had said a million times I wanted to. After the tornadoes, I was getting ready for work one morning when Russell handed me my camera, said he would take the kids to school, and then told me… go… take a picture of your barn. I did. Two days later it was burned to the ground.

There’s still a small pile of ash where this barn stood… and I still look over at it as I drive by… but I am so thankful for the day I caught this photo, and I am really glad that it was liked enough by judges to land a 2nd place win under the category “Broken”

Thanks Dark Globe for the award, and for appreciating this photo!