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I was deleting all of my annoying spam today on WordPress when I read one that said, “I humbly bow down in the presence of such greatness.”

I casually looked over my shoulder… then back at the screen… in my best Italian/New Yorker accent I said, “You talkin to me?”

The post just stared back at me. Presence of such greatness. I considered marking it as approved… not spam.

It can’t be.

But when you really stop and consider the flattery in your life, that is exactly that… just flattery, it makes it hard to decide what is real… what isn’t.

What are people filling your head with? When are they sincere?  Where does the shiny stop and the reality set in?

Here’s what I have concluded. I will take the flattery… DUH… Pshaaa!!!

 But I am watching you, dear spammer. I know you are filling my head with fluff and dazzling me with your sexy charms… and I’m listening. Listening because honestly… I need the pep talk. I need the sweet words.

But one wrong step… and I will sell you out! I will tell the world! And all you will be able to respond with is… yes, I was beat down by the presence of greatness.

In all seriousness, have you ever been in the presence of greatness? (Obviously aside from… reading my blog?)