There’s a rowdy game of tag going on in the blogging world… and I was tagged by the one person NARCISSIST and she would ask the most inappropriate questions possible… but hey. I’m not shy. My dad only reads my blog occasionally.

With any fun game… there’s these rules you have to follow… yadda yadda yadda…


  1. You must post the rules.
  2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
  3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
  4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!

The Narcissist’s questions:

  1. Penises are… First of all… is that the plural of penis? Are you sure it isn’t peni? Wait… I think that’s a pasta… disregard. What was the question? Oh yes… penises are not the answer to world hunger, if that’s what you’re asking. psshheewww. Glad we got that cleared up.
  2. Vaginas are… man’s best friend. Forget dogs. We own this one.
  3. What is the weirdest request you have ever gotten from a person you were dating? I laughed really hard at this question. I would have to say the wierdest request I’ve ever gotten was a request for me to tell them I loved them, after only two weeks of us hanging out. He kept asking to hear me say those three little words, but he was quite demanding about it. That relationship fizzled out not long after that. CRAZY CAKES. 
  4. List three qualities a person of the opposite sex have to possess for you to consider a relationship? I absolutely need a man to be a man… metrosexuals do nothing for me, although they look good on billboards. I need a little risk factor in there, I am attracted to the good/bad boy thing, if he still calls his mama to find out what to wear on a date, it’s not going to happen with this girl. Finally, I tend to have more guy friends then girl friends, call me what you want, but girls are usually… meh… so he has to be a confident guy.
  5. What are your three biggest turn-offs? Bad breath, ick. People that talk only about themselves…that’s my job. And… let’s see… ahh the thug look… really? Come on… the best thing about the 90s was the music… leave the wardrobe there.
  6. What is the single sexiest physical attribute someone can possess? I am all about some seriously broad gorgeous shoulders. Meeeewow.
  7. If you could only choose one… Great Sex or Great Oral Sex? Ummmm this question is just mean. I guess I would have to say great sex… although I am not like Bill Clinton… I define oral sex as sex and I want it with mine please…. and thank you.
  8. What is the worst pick up line you have ever heard? This is going to actually turn into a story, but I hate it when people just walk up and ask you if they can buy you a drink, they don’t say hi, they don’t introduce themselves… nadda. My husband and I were at a club in Nashville one night when I was standing at the bar waiting to buy a drink. A guy came up and without saying anything to me, says to the bar tender, “I will have a blah blah blah, and whatever she’s drinking…” then he turns and looks at me… I say to the bartender… I need two vodka and redbulls… and look back at the guy buying…. he asks me, “Wanna go dance?” I take my two drinks from the bartender… look at him and say, “I’m about to,” and walk off 5 feet and hand the other drink to my husband. Sure, that sounds shitty… but don’t just go throwing money around and assuming I want you to buy me a drink… because… I just might let you.
  9. Have you ever gone home with someone you just met? Actually, no. Never. This thought scares the crap out of me. I’ve been hurt by enough guys that I did know… to never risk leaving anywhere with one I didn’t.
  10. How do you feel about cat calls? I kinda like them actually, depending on where I am of course, but hey… little flattery to my day.  
  11. Top or bottom? (Chose one) Top. No brainer. Next question. LOL.

I am breaking the rules here though, because I cannot possibly come up with any interesting questions after those, I just didn’t want the Narc to think I was ignoring her. 😛