This post is a continuation of a story I began awhile ago… you can read the whole story HERE.

          One of the biggest problems I have encountered in continuing the writing of this story, is creating a nickname appropriate for this character. This full bodied character that came into my life and seemed to break all normal molds. What I keep coming back to over and over again and chuckling in the obnoxiousness of it is… Mr. Right.

          So now… back to the story. As the days went by after our shared sandwhich we began to pay much more attention to each other than we had before. Our glances at meetings became longer, our emails became more random, our lunches more frequent. It was nearly two weeks after our first lunch before he would ask me to stop and have a drink with him after work.

          The little bar we went to was full of all sorts of people we worked with so our flirting stayed casual and friendly as we tried to figure each other out. I remember going home and thinking for days, am I imagining this? What does he want? Where is this going? Blah blah blah. Being a girl is sometimes so annoying.

         A week later he asked me to go have drinks again. Of course, I said yes. He was much more openly flirty with me this time and as we shot pool and teased each other over beer I knew I was in trouble. He was witty and quick to come back at my sarcasm with something striking. He wasn’t intimidated by me and the audacity my appreciation of that intrigued me. Hmmm a guy not afraid to be a man… interesting. Kind of sexy.

         I had just finished missing my shot on the pool table when I noticed him coming toward me. His walk was different than it was only moments ago. He was on a mission. I tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear in a weak attempt to hide my nervousness. In seconds he was to me, and pressing his lips on mine, no asking, no notice, just bam. My thoughts ceased. There was only static and then colors began crashing through my brain as I pressed back into him.

        My back against a wall, I let him take full control of the situation as I stood there kissing him back. (The kiss still stands out to me today as the best first kiss I’ve ever had). When he pulled back, there was nothing that needed to be said, it was evident that he was feeling exactly as I was.