Something about when blah blah blah decieve. Sigh.

Trust… may be the most obnoxiously overused…underrated word in the HUMAN language.

“Trust me…” when people have to beg for it… isn’t it already too late? If your gut is fighting against it, shouldn’t you listen? “Trust me…” they say it in a sentence… but it’s really a question… “Trust me?” Sometimes its a begged statement. Other times it is suppose to reemphasize their point, “Trust me… I know.”

The word is thrown around as easily as the new old “go to” phrase, “Right?”

But at the end of the day… do we even really truly trust ourselves? There’s situations that we know we are weak in. I cannot be trusted with a pan of brownies that have already been cut. I cannot be trusted in a room filled with size 8.5 Prada shoes that I am not supposed to touch. I cannot be trusted with my heart.

So what is trust?

Webster says: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength or truth of someone or something. One in which confidence is placed. Dependence on something future or contingent; hope. 

Hmmm… anyone feeling warm and fuzzy right now?

Not me. It’s exhausting…. this trust thing. It plays tricks on your mind until you’re dizzy and tired. It’s overwhelming and condescending. Yet when it’s earned… its incredibly rewarding.  Is the earning of trust only a set up for future failure? The pissimist in me says yes. You cannot trust anyone 100% of the time, not even yourself. So why do we put so much stock in it? Why don’t we shut it down and be happy with 60% successful trust rate? Because we’re scared of being hurt? Scared of being humiliated? Scared of standing on the edge of a something really high with no net?

I am.