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This is a continuation of a story. You can go catch up HERE.

The desks in the classroom were set in a horse-shoe shape around a projector and what looked to be a hundred year old man that was half asleep. Nadia was the first one in the classroom took a seat half way up the horse shoe. She sat down and watched the faces that began to fill the classroom. These would be the people she would go all the way through training with. Some would fall out of class, and new people would wash into their class, but as a whole, they were in this together.

A short guy with glasses sat down next to her and put out his hand, “Hi, I’m Roosevelt,” he said.

He seemed happy to finally be getting to class as well.  Nadia introduced herself as well. They clicked right away, conversation was easy, it was obvious to her that they would be great friends and quickly. His light hearted spirit had a calming appeal to it. He wasn’t gorgeous in any sense, but he was one of those adorable types. The guy you should be dating instead of chasing the gorgeous one. But Nadia was never good at separating that as she was about to find out. She saw him walk in the room and immediately felt her heart skip a beat. Airman Good. She could read his name tag from across the room. Two other clowns walked in with him and they were laughing at something he had said. He seemed to take up the whole door frame. His green eyes sparkled from across the room and as he entered everyone seemed to notice.  He sat in the middle of the horse shoe and the rest of the class seemed to fold in around him. He looked over at Nadia and smiled a perfectly white gorgeous smile. While she had been distracted Jolene had sat down on her right side.

“Holy shit, do you see that guy? I call him!” Jolene whispered into Nadia’s ear.

Roosevelt leaned over towards the girls, “I think he’s already taken,” he said as he jerked his head back towards Good.

The girls looked up to see that he was still staring at Nadia. She felt her face blush immediately. She turned her attention to the projector but her insides felt like they were doing back flips. She tried to coerce herself into calming down but she wanted desperately to look over at him again. She fought the urge with everything that she had. Suddenly a bell sounded and the instructor seemed to suddenly come to life. He sat up, straightened a few papers, cleared his throat, and proceeded to tell the class his life story. 

After nearly two hours of mind numbing Vietnam stories the class was granted a break and shown to the area where there was a Coke machine and snacks. Nadia went straight for a Mountain Dew. Her eyes were fighting sleep even as she popped the top. She leaned against the wall beside Roosevelt and Jolene as they begin looking around and gossiping about their classmates. Roosevelt was a soft spirited class clown type. He was quick with a joke and cute as could be. His baby blue eyes made him the easy to trust type and an instant friend for the girls.  As they stood there laughing Airman Good walked up to the Coke machine beside them. Jolene threw an elbow into Nadia’s ribs almost causing her to double over.

“Could you be more obvious Jolene?” Roosevelt said laughing.

“Nadia, watch this, I am about to show you how we do it in Nawlins,” she said in her best southern accent.

Nadia and Roosevelt were left watching after Jolene as she sashayed the few steps to the soda machine.

“Well hello darling,” she purred. “What’s a girl gotta do for you to buy her a soda?”

He snickered at her and dug two more quarters out of his pocket as he said, “You have to get your friend to go out with me.”

“Ah, keep your change,” she scowled at him as she walked toward the exit. “Nadia he wants to take you out.”

Roosevelt laughed as Nadia’s face turned a dark scarlet color. She was not used to men being quite so obviously flirtatious with her. It was a new kind of shy she was feeling. Roosevelt wished her luck and headed toward the door. Airman Good walked toward her beaming that smile. She felt weak kneed but knew she couldn’t show her cards. She brushed a fallen piece of hair back behind her ears and looked up into a stunning pair of green eyes.

“Nadia is it?” His voice was firm but playful. She wanted to hear it again.

“It is, Nadia… Arshan,” she bit her lower lip as she gazed up at him through an innocent expression.