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“Very nice to meet you Nadia….Arshan. I am Levi Good,” he trailed off as the bell rang warning them that they were now late to class. They both bolted toward the exit and ran down the hallway for their classroom. They were sliding into their seats just moments before the instructor returned to the room. Jolene immediately began a round of twenty questions about Airman Good while Roosevelt mocked her expressions. Nadia just stared at the center of the horseshoe to where he was sitting and smiled. He was staring and smiling back.


Class finally became less about the instructor and more about electronic principles but neither was interesting to Nadia. She sat taking notes because she knew she had to succeed at this but her mind was elsewhere.  She was in shock over the amount of attention she had received from the guys in just the first day. Red Rope Andrews this morning, Airman Good in class, and several comments just walking through the hallways. Were the girls here seriously as out numbered, as it seemed? Did she really have her pick in guys? What in the world was she supposed to do with that? She’d never been able to point a finger and choose. She was always the tom boy. She was always the best friend. Never the girl friend. She played football in the mud, loved cars with big engines and loud exhaust, she was always the cute girl next door, but never the beautiful one.


Nadia thought back to her best friend all through school, Everly. Now there was a girl all the guys fawned over. Nadia damn near had to play bouncer for her on many different occasions. She filtered out the guys that didn’t really care about her friend and allowed in the ones that did. Guys knew if they wanted to get to Everly they had to befriend Nadia that was all there was to it. Now there was no one here to make sure these guys were genuine. Jolene definitely wasn’t going to do it, she even wanted to sleep with the short ugly ones. She was interested only in sex and she definitely was not going to detour Nadia around a man as good-looking as Airman Good.


While Nadia was lost in thought the rest of the class time had dwindled to nothing. It was time to march the two and a half miles back to the dorms for physical training. She led the class again as the guide. When Andrews called them to a halt in front of the dorms her legs were aching from the monotonous consistent pace she had to keep. She was exhausted and in no way looking forward to running in twenty minutes. She found Jolene at the back of the flight and the two of them headed up the stairs to their room.


“Sooooo are you going to tell me why you were late coming back from break today with Airman Good? Did he pin you to the wall and do bad things to you?” Jolene pried.


“No, crazy girl. We were just talking,” Nadia said rolling her eyes.


“Mmmmm how boring. I would have let him do anything he wanted,” Jolene retorted as she rolled her eyes back mockingly.


“Ha ha, yea I saw how well that worked out for you, ya whore,” Nadia said pushing Jolene playfully through their door.


“I am not a whore,” Jolene chided as she pretended her feelings were hurt, “I just like to play the field per say.”


“Yea, if by the field you mean everyone at the game, sure.” Nadia said quickly ducking behind her dresser as Jolene threw a pillow at her from her side of the room.


They changed into their PT clothes while they picked on each other. Nadia loved the fact that Jolene could take her sarcasm with a laugh; she didn’t take herself too seriously. As they headed back outside to the drill pad they were laughing at each other and nearly ran smack into Red Rope Andrews.


“Ohh, look who’s friends,” he said to both of them. “I should have known you two would team up and cause trouble.” As he turned the other direction he winked at them both.


“He’s hot too,” Jolene said. “Damn girl, you have all the luck. Can I have this one?”


Nadia erupted into giggles, “Yes, you can have that one.”


“Gee thanks for your leftovers,” Jolene pretended to pout, “I will take them!” She ran laughing the rest of the way to the drill pad where she tapped Andrews on the shoulder playfully on her way by him. Nadia just laughed, she would never have that kind of confidence in herself.