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I happen to have a very Eurpoean cat. His name is Jacques. He’s French…. okay not really. Well that’s really his name, but he’s not really French… He was rescued from a storm drain when he was less than a one pound kitten. The moment I met him, I knew he was the kitty for me. He is affectionate and sarcastic. He thinks he is half ninja.

The only problem with Jacques is that he never had any desire to be an indoor kitty. We tried litter. We tried collars. He wants to live life wide open. So we had him neatured, and microchipped, and up to date on all of his shots… and we open the door for him now at his begging.

But I have some twisted sadistic fucked up neighbors that apparently are big fans of Jacques as well…. and they like to bring home salmon steaks for him and scratch his ears just right. But the other thing they like to do to him is trap him in their garage and keep him overnight so that he cannot get out….

He’s always slept in bed with Faith at night… my 8 year old…. and these cat burglars are causing quite a disturbance in my home. Problem is… I know I will never be able to keep him from dashing out an open door, he’s a traveler. He’s a roamer. But will the fact that he is caged at night by strangers that also love on him… matter to him? It doesn’t seem to be. After all, he’s a cat… not a dog… he feels no obligation to return to Faith at night.

Or is that him I hear late at night, singing that lonesome song from inside a cold garage half a block away? 😦