You didn’t think it was going to be an actual picture of me now did you? Come on guys… you know I only send those kinds of pictures out via text message! Just kidding Mom!

Yes, this girl ranted on and said the F word approximately 12 times in my last post… and it managed to get me nominated for another award! Yay F bomb! Ok… Ok… hopefully that’s not the reason why, but The Narcissist was kind enough to nominate me, which always makes me warm and fuzzy because I love her blog so.

“The TMI Award is an acknowledgement of those who do the same.  The writers brave enough to share even the difficult parts of their lives.  They share their experiences in the hope that others might take something of value away from their learning experiences.  I am proud to be in their company and graciously accept the TMI Award.” 

The rules are as follows:

Thank the person that nominated you:
She knows I love her. The Narcissist makes me laugh and tear up easily… mostly because she is so darn relatable. It’s nice to see women who are empowered enough in themselves to just say what’s on their mind. I rarely have a filter on my mouth, and unfortunately my friends love me for it regardless. I think she is the same way, and I would truly love to sit and laugh over drinks with her!

Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you.

Share an awkward, embarrassing and intimate story in 250 words or less.

Let’s see an embarrassing story. I have so many. Really. This story is actually something that has happened on several different occasions. I am beyond clumsy. I misjudge walls, furniture, door knobs… I constantly have bruises on my hips, shoulders, wrists from where I walk into things and bang my body against them. I’ve done this my entire life, it’s not really a big deal. UNTIL…. I am trying to be sexy. You know the difference, not just standing there unknowingly being sexy… but TRYING to be sexy…. Knowingly flipping my hair… my hand will get tangled… walking by and intentionally shaking my ass… I will twist an ankle…. Moving “seductively” to straddle Russell… I will accidentally smack him in the face… or poke him in the eye… it’s tragic. Mortifying. Russell travels a lot, and I have always wanted to reenact the airport scene where lovers spot each other from far away and she jumps up on him and wraps her legs around him… but I know my clumsy ass would send both of us sprawling across the baggage claim leaving us both in a tangled heap with bruised tailbones and egos. Yep, I’m a bad ass baby… just watch me… 😉

Now as for the rest of the rules, I am supposed to nominated at least 5-10 other blogs, but it’s confessional time… I’ve been wrapped up in my own little world for the last month. I haven’t been reading like I should, I am not sure who’s gotten what awards lately, and I don’t want to duplicate on you all… but I also didn’t want to not accept the award from Narc, how rude would that be?

Hope your Friday is full of life! Cheers peeps!