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He’s back! Jason Mraz has a new cd hitting shelves across the world and there’s something new in his music. Oh it’s obvious. It’s pouring through the lyrics. It’s rolling across the pages. It’s flowing from his metaphors… Jason Mraz is in love. He’s been hit with the arrow boys and girls. This once sassy interpreter of all things life related is gushing from his heart.

Love is a four letter word is Jason’s 4th cd and his seductive charms have risen to the occasion. He’s still twisting lyrics and molding instruments together. Instruments that have never been in the same room with each other until Mraz. His music has a way of twisting through the air, making you desperately want out of your clothing. If you’re looking for something to add to your “mood” music collection, this cd should be at the top of your buy list. If you liked all of his other cds… well then you probably had this one on pre-order. (cough cough…. like me).

His lyrics make you think. The music makes you move. The sound makes you randy. The beat brings you to life. Go. Buy. It. Now. It’s an eargasm waiting to happen.