On my last post, “The UnNAMED Post,” I received a comment that I feel needs further evaluating…. Here is the comment:

“You never really know how someone is going to react in a situation no matter how much you think you know them. ”

Yes, you do. If you know them at all, you’re almost always aware of what they’ll do in almost any situation. We see it in smaller versions of larger problems every minute of every day. The problem arises when we try to convince ourselves that if the situation really warranted it, or the chips were really down and the fecal fan flying, they would rise to the occasion.

It’s our love or pity or any number of feelings for that particular individual that gets us past the fact that they are virtually dead weight until they finally break that mental scale in our heads. Those individuals get us lying to ourselves to justify the way we feel about them.

They are the worst kind.

I read, and then reread this comment… and then finally I realized… it’s true. We do know them, but we hope that our influence on them or the feelings that they have for us will be enough to make them rise to the occassion. It very rarely does, and it leaves us disappointed in our judgement, in them, and overall…everything.  The problem is we are always hoping they will surprise us, that they will be who we need them to be, they will step up… but rarely does that actually happen. People are typically creatures of habbit, and if they have a tendancy to let you down when it comes to little things why would you ever assume for a second that when it really matters they are going to react how you want/need them too.

Great comment… thanks for posting!