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I knew that title would get your attention. If I would have said my children you probably wouldn’t have even stopped to read this. But since I’ve got you for a second…. let me get some things off my chest.

Why does your 8 year old have an iPhone?
Why does your child scream at the teacher with blantant disrespect?
Why does your child not have a single chore?
Why does your child tell my child on the bus that she better bring them candy every single day or she’s going to get beaten up?
Why does your 6 year old know how to use FUCK correctly in a sentence?
Why does throwing a tantrum in the middle of WalMart get them exactly what they want instead of a busted behind?
Why is your family sitting around a table at the Olive Garden, yet every single one of you are on your own phones, Nintendo DSI, or iPod?

Yesterday Faith told me at dinner that there is a girl on her bus that always tries to pull her shirt up and it embarasses her. I sat there stunned for a second… looking at my daughter.

“She pulls your shirt up?”
“Did you tell the bus driver?”
“Yes, she told me to go sit back down.”

I think for a second… “Next time she tries to pull your shirt up, ball up your fist and punch her in the nose as hard as you can.”…. Faith stares at me in shock… maybe it’s the wrong thing to tell her… but you know what, I’ve got limits too, and I’m starting to think some of the kids out there aren’t getting punched in the noses enough!