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The other day I shared a story about my 8 year old daughter Faith being bullied on the bus. It received some great responses and aided in me telling my own story. Faith’s tribulations have hit close to home for me because when I was in high school I dealt with a horrible bus bully myself. HORRIBLE. There were 4 of them.

My parents favorite punishment for me when I was in high school and I screwed up was to take my car keys. When they would take my car keys, I would also be banned from riding with my friends to school. This left that stupid yellow bus as my only option to school. It was humiliating. Not only was I banned to the bus I was subjected to THEM.

THEM= 4 of the biggest, fattest, teeth missing, rednecked, trailer park, dumpster diving, baby on their hip, Wal-martians, Skoal dripping from their mouth, cigarette smoking, D average sharing, greasy roots showing bleached hair, hot pink lipstick wearing… bitches.

They say in the back 4 seats on the bus. They each got their own seat no matter how sardined the rest of us were. Our bus driver was scared of them. They were disgusting creatures. I happened to be the only person that lived about 3/4 of a mile down a dead end road. They did not think that I was worthy of being dropped off in front of my house. They thought I should be dropped at the end of the road to save them the 5-7 minutes of driving down my road to take me home.

They called me names. They threatened me. They intimidated the hell out of me. They scared the bus driver to the point where the driver actually asked me if he could drop me off at the end of the road.

I didn’t cry. But I was scared. When mom would take my keys, I would kick and scream that she was torturing me. She was subjecting me to possible death. If it had been one girl, I may have tried my hand at beating her fat stupid ass, but there was no way I could take on all 4 of them. And all of my friends were 110 pounds soaking wet. I would need 12 of us and that wasn’t going to happen.

I complained for months. Any time I would get in trouble I would whine to my friends. I had no idea what to do (apparently staying out of trouble wasn’t an option). UNTIL… One Friday my Junior year I got on the bus to find my friend Carlos Perez (shout out to ya!) in his football jersey… along with Matt West, Mike Lopez, Steve Green, Darrick Brockaw… all in football jerseys. I wasn’t sure why Carlos was on my bus… I knew we all road different buses sometimes on Fridays, but Carlos was never on our bus.

When we pulled down my street the yelling started from the back of the bus about how they were going to kill me and I was such a waste of time I should have my stupid skank bitch ass stomped to death (and these cows were equipped for the stomping) when Carlos stood up in all his 6’2 hotness and turned to them…

“If you mess with her, ever again… I will forever be right behind you kicking your ass. Me, and the rest of these guys, and the rest of the football team if need be.” He put his arm around me and all of us got off the bus at my house. I remember watching the 7 or 8 jerseys get off the bus infront of my house thinking I was dreaming as I turned back and watched their fat pink mouths hang open in shock.

The guys all hung out that afternoon and played football in the backyard and then went home. Carlos had always had a big heart and been a dear friend, but what he did for me that day was priceless. I was never messed with by them again. Looking back, I wish I had been able to deal with it on my own, but sometimes it’s just as good to have great friends behind you.

I know Faith is in a new school where her back up comes only from Hailey. Hailey doesn’t tolerate people picking on Faith, but she can’t be there nonstop and at some point Faith will have to defend herself. I remember that fear. I know it can eat you alive, make you loathe the day ahead. So if you wonder why I am an advocate of her punching this girl in the face, it’s because I know that it will bring her peace in the long run to have closure to this and not have to deal with it daily.