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Yes, that title is one long run on sentence. That’s because that’s how I am currently talking. Or thinking. Or…whatever. I am still at my desk, it’s 2:51pm on a Friday afternoon. That alone feels a little like cruel and unusual punishment. Yes, I am a pathetic individual with a great job that usually is NOT still at my desk past mmmmm NOON…. 1030 on Fridays. But today is my lucky day. Today I have a 4 o’clock meeting with one of the lead Engineers. This is my face. Well it would be my face if I was a cat.

Today is May 4th. It is Cinco de Mayo Eve. Cinco de Mayo happens to be one of my favorite faux pas holidays ever. I have had some fabulous Cinco de Mayos. It’s the start of summer, it’s gorgeous outside, MARGARITA’S ARE HALF PRICE, ah, forget it, I don’t know why I crossed that out, anyone that knows me, knows I am truly excited about the half price margaritas.

But noooo, I am waiting for a lead engineer. Drinking a Redbull and prying my face off my desk. Speaking of lead engineers… Have you ever met a lead engineer? Let me paint you a picture. Or I will just borrow one from Google.

Not only will this guy slightly drool on me when he talks he will also try to stare down my shirt the whole time he explains whatever it is I am being subjected to this afternoon. Which is fine. Stare away. But please, don’t studder because I would really love to be sippin that margarita by 5.

Sigh, Cinco de Mayo Eve I can taste the margarita’s and smell the cocoa butter… Take me away!

In closing, please carry on with your normally scheduled reading, I just needed to whine and act like a baby for a minute. I still have a damn hour to burn. FML.