My name’s Jeanna, and I’m mad.

“Hi Jeanna,” …. the solumn looking crowd responds.

I’ve had this dream. I’m not taking the class. Reading the book. Buying the t-shirt. Nadda. But I am finally standing up and saying I’m angry. I’m sure you’re tired of reading my angry rants… but I don’t care. I’m not sure why I crossed that out. I don’t care.

I am going to start my rant with useless people. Which is probably a dumb subject to even waste breath font on, but there’s just such an abundance of them that the more I run across, the more proof I gain against evolution. Survival of the fittest my ass. But I digress.

Russell and I are in the middle of having a house built. We have a general contractor, a builder agent, and a real estate agent. Our realtor is supposed to be our go to person right….???… always on top of stuff, the first to know, the GATE KEEPER… if you will.

We drive out to the house once a week, and our soon to be neighbor texts us pictures as the builders add something new to the house. Our realtor told us she would try to go out and check on the house weekly as the build progressed, and that she would be in constant contact with the other two. Her fantastic punctuality and determination to provide us good information has resulted in an email letting us know the slab had been poured (2 weeks after it happened)… and my favorite was the email I recieved yesterday letting me know that our house had finally been framed! We must be so excited! She’s still on framing… our house has already been roof’ed, windows are in, and the bricks are on the way. She’s making HOW MUCH OFF OF THIS HOUSE???

USELESS. COMPLETELY USELESS. Her emails make me want to squish a kitten it gets me so angry. It shouldn’t bother me this much. I shouldn’t care. I know the actual status of the house. BUT NO FRIGGING THANKS TO HER. What if I wasn’t able to see it as often as I do? What if I lived in Montana and was actually counting on her emails? USELESS.

How often do you encounter useless people? And no, I’m not talking about the Wal-Mart employee that you go to for help, and they look through you and say, “Uh…. I’m really not sure, sorry.” That’s a class of it’s own. I’m convinced they’re just drones only programmed to make 3 sounds. None of which are helpful at all.

As for the rest of my rant… you’ll just have to come back next time!