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You’re just going through your day, it’s just a random Friday… and then boom… there’s a lyric floating in the air that is all tied up and twisted around these moments of your life. Your surroundings change, the air fills with an intoxicating smell, and for the remainder of the song you’ve been transported to another time and place.

Hunny why you calling me? Soooo late? …. It’s really good to hear your voice, saying my name, it sounds soooo sweet…. It’s funny that you’re calling me tonight. And yes I’ve dreamt of you too…. with the lips of an angeeeel.

My body was frozen to a spot, the lyrics devouring me. I’ve been running for so long. Doesn’t seem to pan out this way.

I’m dancing now, I can see the club bouncing around beside me. Everyone is in their own party. Their own SoCo world. Me, I’m drinking tequila and Redbull and trying my best to laugh like Mase cause it Feels So Good. Ha! Ha! We’re laughing and the room is spinning and it all falls down.

I put down my iPod and go to lunch. I need a break from it. But when I pick it back up upon my return Usher is telling me, “You Make Me Wanna,” and I can’t help but giggle.